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Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your Unique Selling Proposition

It’s critical to know what makes you unique and to share it in a clear, concise, compelling way, because in today’s competitive world your potential clients need to know why they should do business with YOU! Watch this video to learn more.

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Today, I’m going to be talking about what makes you unique: Your Unique Selling Proposition. It’s really critical in today’s competitive world to be able to share — in a very clear, concise, and powerful way — what makes you unique. What makes you different from everyone else out there that does what you do? Why should people do business with you?

It’s great to share some attributes, something that makes you really special, the experience people have when they work with you, or something you’ve done in the past that’s contributed to who you are today. It could be how you care so deeply about your clients and how well you take care of them. And be very specific what you do with them.

There’s no one on this planet like you. You have that special sauce that only you have.

My invitation to you this week is: When you’re meeting with people — maybe for a one-on-one “get to know you” cup of coffee, or you’re on the phone talking to people — actually use these words, “What makes me unique is…” “What makes me different from anyone else out there that does what I do is…”.

I’d love to hear how that goes for you. Don’t focus on the process you take people through or the mechanics of how you work with people; share about the experience that people have when they work with you and what you contribute to your clients.

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