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Your Audience Will Gain Powerful Business-Building Tools That They Can Implement Right Away…

Debbie inspires audiences to attract new clients (without being salesy). Getting more “Yesses” doesn’t have to be that hard. All it takes is an organized plan… a proven step-by-step follow-up system. Why? Because, follow-up IS the sales process, and Debbie presents each topic clearly, concisely and with conviction.

Debbie connects deeply with audiences and they find themselves “leaning-in” for every valuable tip.

Your audience will discover how to:

  • Prepare for every prospect contact in advance
  • Network less… and net more money
  • Make your follow-up organized and efficient so nothing falls through the cracks
  • Fill your pipeline with qualified clients (who want what you offer)
  • Close sales more effectively and convert more prospects into clients
  • And more… much more

Rave Review ...

Debbie Hoffman has a heart to serve and the knowledge to back it up! She is powerful presenter who is relevant, fun, engaging and packs a punch. Debbie's main goal is to share powerful tips and solutions that your audience can walk away with and start implementing immediately. I have seen Debbie speak on many occasions and I always learn something new.

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Debbie Shares Powerful Sales Secrets That Inspires Entrepreneurs…

She understands the struggles that entrepreneurs face every day … Debbie’s talks motivate and inspire your audience to take action and overcome habits that hold them back from the sales results they deserve.

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Rave Review ...

Deborah’s talk was phenomenal! The amount of information that I learned has propelled my business into the next level! So many different levels of information to promote growth in a personal and professional way. I'm grateful to have experienced her seminar!

Crystal R

Debbie Brings Experience And Wisdom…

Debbie was a successful investment banker with 20 year’s experience as Managing Director for Wall Street firms. It was during this time she developed numerous client relationships which resulted in billions of dollars of sales and she knew she was onto something. Debbie went on to create huge success and became a top network marketing leader with an international team of several thousand consultants. It became clear that as a master of follow-up her calling was to help other entrepreneurs thrive with the same simple tools and systems that catapulted her to success.

Debbie founded her breakthrough training company, Power-Up! Your Follow-Up, to help entrepreneurs and network marketers develop the skill-set to consistently get more clients and generate significant bottom-line results (while making an impact on the world). She works closely with them to create a step-by-step follow-up system for their business.

Rave Review ...

After hearing Debbie Hoffman's amazing 'Power-Up! Your Follow-Up' presentation at a networking event, I was inspired to put her valuable secrets into immediate action...And within a week my renewed follow-up efforts resulted in 4 NEW CLIENTS! If that's not instant credibility, I don't know what is. Believe me, every serious entrepreneur can benefit from hearing Debbie's proven philosophy of follow-up.

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Debbie Hoffman’s Powerful Message Attracts Audiences To Your Event…

(because everyone wants more sales)

Is your event geared toward entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for game-changing solutions to grow their business and achieve the income level they’ve been dreaming of?

Your audience will:

  • Gain confidence and clarity in following-up with prospects
  • Feel energized, motivated, and ready to close more sales
  • Understand the steps to take to follow-up consistently and effectively
  • Know how to attract new clients who are already excited to work with you
  • Uncover a gold mine of NEW CLIENT PROSPECTS (right in front of them that they never considered before)
  • The bottom line is that Debbie Hoffman’s proven follow-up system will help your audience convert more prospects into long-term clients without being salesy!
  • Debbie ignites enthusiasm with her honest, authentic spirit, and passion to help other entrepreneurs thrive.

Rave Review ...

Debbie Hoffman shared her practical and wise strategies for maximizing networking opportunities at the National Speakers Association-Northern California Chapter, Debbie's presentation was engaging with many great calls to action! A number of the participants went on to take her workshop and reported great value.


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Rave Review ...

Debbie is an inspiring speaker with a valuable message, and I've urged her to share her system with the world...I mean doesn't everyone need help with follow-up?

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