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Follow-Up On Your Dreams

Discovery Session

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit and explore ways we can work together to increase your sales results.

Debbie Hoffman

This complimentary discovery session is for you if:

  • You are committed to growing your business and you’re curious to discover how my proven follow-up system can help you generate more sales
  • You are very selective about who you work with. I know that I am
  • You’re not afraid of doing some “heavy lifting”and investing in your personal growth
  • You are open to doing things differently and finally reaching your goals
  • You want to take your business to the next level

During our session we will:

  • Explore where you’re looking to go with your business
  • Discuss where you are now and what roadblocks are getting in the way
  • Identify the next steps to convert more prospects into clients
  • Determine how I can support you to create your dream business (if we’re a good fit)

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My sales have grown by 20% and I owe it all to Debbie.

When I'm stuck at a roadblock, Debbie can nail down my issues and provide a solution on the spot. She is gifted, knowledgeable and inspiring. She has taught me to approach my prospects from a completely different perspective that builds trust during the initial contact period. We all know that “the fortune is in the follow-up” yet if you’re anything like me, then your follow-up is horrible. Debbie has revolutionized my follow-up strategies and influenced every facet of my business.

Dr ConnieEDITED2

Debbie's message really resonated with me. I signed-up for her Mastery program and when I finished, I realized I needed her VIP one-on-one training to take my coaching business to where I wanted to go.

Before working with Debbie, I struggled with all aspects of the sales process, especially follow-up. I'd been networking for over a year, but I had just a handful of clients along with a HUGE stack of business cards. Now, with Debbie's help, my personal coaching practice is over-subscribed and I've launched a new webinar series with 20 students. And I'm only part way through the VIP coaching. I'm looking forward to where she will take me next!

Steve Kirch

In my first 10 weeks after working with Debbie, I brought in 8 new clients and $20,000 in additional income.

I had given up on networking, because I never had any luck bringing in new business from these events. Now, people are being drawn to me. I share more powerfully what I do and people are leaning in wanting to know more. 80% of my business now comes from networking. Going to networking events isn't a chore anymore. I actually look forward to it! 

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