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Recommended CRMs & Email Marketing Systems

Great for network marketers but anyone can use it. Easy to use. Can store email templates and scripts that your team can access from their system.

Easy to use… has good features… More of an entry level system. Interfaces with Mailchimp.


Built-in capability to send cards, call people directly from your computer, store email templates, send reminders to prospects / clients.


More features…very sophisticated. CRM plus email marketing program


Promo Code: certplus2016

Extremely sophisticated. The Rolls Royce of CRM’s. Has CRM and email marketing system.

Email marketing program. Great for sending out newsletters and auto-responders. Not a CRM. Great customer support. Very reasonable.


Other Resources

Video Conferencing

Mind movie – It’s a video version of your vision board.

Stay in touch with your clients by sending physical cards online in your handwriting. Monthly plans range from free- $147/month

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