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Mastery of Follow-Up

Mastery Of Follow-Up is a 12-month training program designed to create a step-by-step follow-up blueprint for your business. In this program, I share my entire 9-step follow up success system.

We’ll cover everything you need to know from how to prepare before you meet with a prospect or attend a networking event all the way through how to follow-up with a client after they’ve worked with you.

You’ll participate in Laser Coaching Calls where you’ll get support from Debbie … and Mastermind Groups where you’ll practice and role-play what we’re working on in the program and receive feedback from a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Mastery means more than knowing what to DO … It’s about how you’re showing up…how you’re being. 

You’ll learn to master:

  • The Language of Follow-up… knowing what to say, and how to BE
  • The Psychology of Follow-Up… strategic thinking that leads to success
  • How to properly prepare and build deeper relationships with prospects
  • How to become an expert at overcoming objections with poise and confidence
  • How to effectively pre-qualify prospects and close more sales

This program includes:

  • 6  training modules
  • 36 group coaching calls
  • 24 mastermind group calls to practice and role play
  • Over 60 scripts and templates 

Are you ready to power-up your follow-up?

Find out if Mastery of Follow-Up is for you:

Schedule A Discovery Session with Debbie

Pamela Meyer

The moment I met Debbie Hoffman I was struck by her skills, sensitivity and warmth and knew that she was the stepping stone to increasing referrals and business. As a life coach and therapist working primarily with women in transition, I wanted to find new ways to connect with those who need my help.

The Mastery of Follow-Up program provided a comprehensive system and exciting possibilities for all aspects of follow-up. I can say that I now love networking and look forward to implementing even more of what I learned. Debbie is helping me communicate effectively to the people who want to work with me.

I trust Debbie with my heart and am grateful that I said yes to her invitation.

Pamela Meyer@2x

This is a powerful opportunity to convert more prospects into clients

  1. Fill your PIPELINE with qualified leads
  2. Develop POWER PARTNERS (an untapped source to grow your business)
  3. NETWORK more effectively with scripts and live practice sessions
  4. Perfect your “30-Second Infomercial” and “What Do You Do” response

After completing the 12-month Mastery of Follow-Up program

You’ll have the skill-set to:

  • Connect with prospects and build relationships in a way that feels authentic and generates more clients
  • Network less… And net more money because you’re well-prepared for every contact
  • Build loyal clients and sustain long term relationships by adding value and serving their real needs
  • Utilize your automated CRM system wisely, to end the cycle of dropped balls, loose ends and lost customers that fall through the cracks
  • Respond to specific objections professionally with confidence
  • Fill your pipeline with qualified referrals who already want what you offer
  • Distinguish yourself from your competition with an organized system of follow-up
  • Make a lasting first impression by knowing what to say and how to BE
  • Overcome Those Limiting Beliefs and fabricated stories that stop you dead in your tracks
  • Pre-qualify prospects … and effectively close more sales!

No more guessing … no more worrying … no more hesitation. Learn every facet of a proven follow-up system that has helped so many entrepreneurs propel their businesses to the next level and achieve financial freedom.

Quite simply, you’ll become a follow-up master … Let’s put you in the driver’s seat of your business’s future.

It’s time to TAKE ACTION … and thrive!

Debbie Hoffman's training has made a HUGE difference in my business! When I'm ready to give up on a prospect, I hear her voice in my head, and I pick up the phone again. The other day, I signed up a perfect client after EIGHT months of following up. The client will benefit from working with me, and I will have the joy of doing what I love. Thank you, Debbie, for reminding me that following up is a worthy service.

Elizabeth Smiling Green Shirt Med

Find out if Mastery of Follow-Up is for you:

Schedule A Discovery Session with Debbie

I just completed my BEST MONTH EVER! Debbie Hoffman’s Mastery of Follow-Up program energized my business. She taught me skills I use daily to improve my interaction with prospects and clients. I’m networking more effectively and getting more clients. I actually got a sizable account last week after learning the proper way to ask for referrals! What I like best about working with Debbie is that she teaches immediately useful skills…then nudges me into action.

Joan StutesEDITED3

I didn’t realize that follow-up is actually a step-by-step discovery process. The most valuable lesson I learned from Mastery of Follow-Up was the patience and caring persistence I need to develop with my past, current and potential clients.

Now, I've been given the tools to build an effective system, and I'm less caught up in administrative chaos. I appreciate how many important topics the program touched upon… from branding and core message, to different templates for the different stages of follow-up, client retention and client fulfillment.

I also appreciate that I have been connected to solid people in the group, and that I have all the material so I can go back and brush up on the different parts of the program whenever I want.

Karenina Jahnigan

Debbie's 3-Day Live Event was a life-changing experience for me... And her Mastery of Follow-Up training gave me the tools to build a successful business. I’ve always had this awful FEAR of rejection… that I wasn’t good enough. Well, the Live Event opened my eyes, and Debbie's 6-month Mastery Program was the perfect follow-up. Now, I have an organized step-by-step system in place, and I bring a positive energy that potential clients connect with immediately.

Georgia Ramos

I used to "hose down" prospects with my wealth of knowledge... and follow-up with a proposal. But I didn't have an organized process. Since working with Debbie, I have revamped my CRM and developed an organized game plan. I spend more time listening to potential clients and getting to know them and their needs... and I'm dealing with objections more confidently when closing the sale. Debbie virtually assured me that her system would pay for itself right away, and she was right. I just brought in a valuable new client.

Paul Fales Picture Cropped

I knew I needed to follow up, but I figured I could learn it on my own. Unfortunately, I was going about it all wrong. I guess waiting for people to call when they're ready isn't such a good strategy. After starting Debbie's program, I realized there was so much more to nurturing clients to get those top paying gigs... and her system made it so easy to implement. Within a month, my whole mindset changed. I gained so much more confidence, my conversations were well-planned and I had a much higher conversion rate. Now, I'm consistently closing 4 out of 5 sales conversations, and I'm so busy I need to hire more staff. That's the business growth I've always wanted.


Since taking Debbie Hoffman's 6-Month Mastery of Follow-Up program, I am much more ACTION oriented (and aware of how I'm being when I meet with a potential client). I love the structure... the practical, useful application... that her system provides. I feel so confident and natural, like I'm in control, because I know what to do.

When I speak in front of groups, I'm much more professional and get them to "lean-in" just like Debbie taught me. She really walks her talk and shares her wisdom with passion in a way that resonates with people.

Susan Powell Cropped

Before taking Mastery of Follow-Up, I wasn’t sure how to connect with potential clients. I was afraid of sounding pushy or phony… and my follow-up was random and incomplete. Debbie helped me to focus on building relationships in a natural, sincere way. I developed a solid follow-up system and my business took off! In the first month, I doubled my monthly sales. My sales in January were four times greater than the previous January. Patricia White Independent Advisor, H2O at Home

Find out if Mastery of Follow-Up is for you:

Schedule A Discovery Session with Debbie

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