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VIP Elite
The Ultimate Follow-Up Program

The Mastery VIP Elite Program is an elite level one-on-one coaching and virtual training program.

This program is for people who are most serious about taking their business to the next level. They thrive in a community where they get support from their fellow participants and desire to move faster with a coach they work with privately.

We Will Create A Step-By-Step Blueprint Specifically Designed For Your Business

You’ll learn to master:

  • The Language of Follow-up… knowing what to say, and how to BE
  • The Psychology of Follow-Up… strategic thinking that leads to success
  • How to properly prepare and build deeper relationships with prospects
  • How to become an expert at overcoming objections with poise and confidence
  • How to effectively pre-qualify prospects and close more sales

The Mastery VIP Elite Program includes:

  • Twelve Private 1-Hour Sessions with Debbie
  • Twelve Private Laser Focus Coaching Calls
  • Email Support Between Coaching Calls
  • Over 50 Templates & Scripts. Personalized for your business
  • Membership In Private Facebook Group
    • You’ll be part of a growing follow-up community
    • Network together and collaborate
    • Find an accountability partner to practice follow-up skills
    • Receive unlimited community support
    • Post questions… get feedback
  • 6-Month Mastery of Follow-Up virtual training program
    • 6 virtual training sessions including Q&A coaching support
    • 12 group coaching sessions
    • 12 mastermind group virtual meetings to practice and role play

BONUS: Live Three-Day Event (held twice a year in the San Francisco Bay Area)

  • Unique opportunity to learn your follow-up skills in a live setting
  • Interactive event with role playing and highly-engaging activities

Are you ready to take charge of your follow-up to ensure extraordinary long-term results? Find out if the Mastery VIP Elite Program is for you:

Schedule A Discovery Session with Debbie

The moment I met Debbie Hoffman I was struck by her skills, sensitivity and warmth and knew that she was the stepping stone to increasing referrals and business. As a life coach and therapist working primarily with women in transition, I wanted to find new ways to connect with those who need my help.

I signed up for her VIP Platinum Program because I knew that I would benefit greatly from being in a group program with other entrepreneurs who were on the same journey as me but I also wanted the one on one support.

I can say that I now love networking and look forward to implementing even more of what I learned. Debbie is helping me communicate effectively to the people who want to work with me. I trust Debbie with my heart and am grateful that I said yes to her invitation.

Pamela Meyer@2x

This is a powerful opportunity to convert more prospects into clients

  • Fill your PIPELINE with qualified leads
  • Develop POWER PARTNERS (an untapped source to grow your business)
  • NETWORK more effectively with scripts and live practice sessions
  • Perfect your “30-Second Infomercial” and “What Do You Do” response

After completing this 6 month one-on-one customized coaching program …

You’ll have the skill-set to:

  • Connect with prospects and build relationships in a way that feels authentic and generates more clients
  • Network less… And net more money because you’re well-prepared for every contact
  • Build loyal clients and sustain long term relationships by adding value and serving their real needs
  • Utilize your automated CRM system wisely, to end the cycle of dropped balls, loose ends and lost customers that fall through the cracks
  • Respond to specific objections professionally with confidence
  • Fill your pipeline with qualified referrals who already want what you offer
  • Distinguish yourself from your competition with an organized system of follow-up
  • Make a lasting first impression by knowing what to say and how to BE
  • Overcome Those Limiting Beliefs and fabricated stories that stop you dead in your tracks
  • Pre-qualify prospects… and effectively close more sales!

No more guessing … no more worrying … no more hesitation.

Learn every facet of a proven follow-up system that has helped so many entrepreneurs propel their businesses to the next level and achieve financial freedom.

Quite simply, you’ll become a follow-up master… Let’s put you in the driver’s seat of your business’ future.

It’s time to TAKE ACTION… and thrive!

Debbie's message really resonated with me. I signed-up for her Mastery program and when I finished, I realized I needed her VIP one-on-one training to take my coaching business to where I wanted to go.

Before working with Debbie, I struggled with all aspects of the sales process, especially follow-up. I'd been networking for over a year, but I had just a handful of clients along with a HUGE stack of business cards. Now, with Debbie's help, my personal coaching practice is over-subscribed and I've launched a new webinar series with 20 students. And I'm only part way through the VIP coaching. I'm looking forward to where she will take me next!

Steve Kirch

To learn more and determine if the Mastery VIP Elite Program is for you:

Schedule A Discovery Session with Debbie

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