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Power-Up Your Sales! And Enroll More Clients (Without Being Salesy)

Learn How To Convert More Prospects Into Clients

With A Proven Follow-Up Success System

When you nurture your prospects through an organized discovery process adn focus on building deep relationships, you will generate more consistent sales and create more abundance in your life. My 5-week home study program will provide you with a valuable toolkit you can use right away to accelerate your sales results.  In my program you’ll learn how to:

  • Network in a new and confident way that attracts a steady flow of clients, because you are properly prepared for every contact with a prospect
  • Work less and generate more income by building deep relationships
  • Introduce yourself at events so people enthusiastically “lean-in” to learn more
  • Shift those limiting beliefs (and fabricated stories) that stop you in your tracks
  • Stand out from your competition so that you attract your ideal clients
  • And much more

Why is follow-up so critical to your success? Here’s the reality. Follow-up is more than just an important part of the sales process… It IS the sales process and it will be very challenging to maximize your business results without it. Did you know that 8% of entrepreneurs are doing 80% of the business out there? I want you to be one of the 8%. You can be if you have a proven follow-up system in place. In the “Power-Up Your Sales! And Enroll More Clients” home-study program, we’ll get you started with the skills you need to succeed.


Dear Entrepreneur, Have you been working exhaustive hours, trudging from networking event to event, and you’re still struggling to get enough clients to justify the time, energy, and expense invested? Are you ready to learn a proven system that will help you generate consistent sales? You have unique gifts to share with the world. My mission is to help you share your gifts and get your message out in a big way so you can make the impact you’re here to make. I want you to feel CONFIDENT in yourself and your business and have the KNOW-HOW to significantly increase your sales conversion ratios. By adopting a proven follow-up success system you can COUNT ON, you will generate long-term clients, consistent income, and achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of. My proven follow-up success system has generated billions in sales during my career as a Wall Street Managing Director, and I can help you accelerate YOUR sales results, as well … without being “salesy.” I’d love to support you in mastering your follow-up and achieving your dreams! Warmly, Debbie

It’s a comprehensive, easy to follow program that’s designed to pay for itself before you’ve completed it.

REGISTER NOW (1 Payment of $697) REGISTER NOW (3 Payments of $267)

Debbie is so authentic, I really relate to her coaching style …

She inspired me to adopt a value-oriented approach… and it WORKS! I feel so PROFESSIONAL! I’m pre-qualifying my contacts more effectively and converting more prospects into long-term clients.

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You’ll Learn To Double (Even Triple) Your Sales Conversion Rates With The Same Number of Contacts

Discover a breakthrough step-by-step program that will shift your mindset, build your confidence, and start you on the road to success.

I teach my clients how to get more “yesses” confidently and efficiently. Of course, you have to be committed to making breakthroughs. It’s not about hounding people mercilessly until they say, “Yes.” It’s about thoughtfully serving your prospect’s needs — with full authenticity and integrity. There are more effective ways to convert ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ prospects into long-term clients who truly need what you offer. What do you say in those NERVOUS 30-seconds when you’re standing in front of a networking group… that’ll really GRAB their attention? Do you get thrown off when someone spontaneously asks, “So, what do you do?” Power-Up Your Sales! will train you on what to say and HOW TO BE, so you’ll get them to ‘lean-in’ and ask for more (instead of regretting what you did or didn’t say afterwards).

Introducing My Breakthrough Program For The Successful Entrepreneur

Power-Up Your Sales And Enroll More Clients (Without Being Salesy)


5 Comprehensive Training Modules

I’ve taken the best and juiciest secrets from my private one-on-one coaching programs (worth literally thousands of dollars) and combined them into an affordable 5-Week Program of pre-recorded webinar training calls and more. It’s a unique opportunity to…

  • Break old habits that haven’t worked with a step-by-step follow-up system
  • Shift those limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back
  • Attract more clients… without being salesy
  • Effectively utilize an automated CRM system
  • Keep your pipeline filled with qualified prospects who already want what you offer
  • Work smarter, make deeper connections, and have FUN!

After enrolling in Power-Up Your Sales, you’ll know how to make a lasting first impression with each new prospect, manage your time more efficiently, and establish a clear follow-up roadmap. Here’s what you’ll receive with my 5-week, home study program:

  • 5 Training Modules
  • A 45-Minute Private Laser Coaching Call with Debbie
  • Access to a membership portal with a workbook, scripts, templates and assignments for each class. You’ll receive unlimited 24-7 access to the training modules.

Here’s What You’ll Learn
In The 5 Training Modules…

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Module 1: Creating Your Follow-Up Foundation

  • Why a proven follow-up success system is critical to increasing your bottom-line sales results
  • Shift those limiting beliefs, fears, and stories that stop you dead in your tracks
  • Create your “30-Second Infomercial” to use at networking events that inspire your audience and get them to lean in.
  • Develop a powerful “What Do You Do” statement so that you’re clear, concise, and compelling during conversations
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 Module 2: Creating A System For Your Follow-Up

  • How to set up an automated CRM system to organize, add structure, and make efficient use of your time so no one slips through the cracks
  • The most effective networking tips and strategies to build deeper connections
  • The best way to follow-up after an event; what to do with all those business cards, plus things NOT to do
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Module 3: How To Prepare When Following Up

  • How to become a great listener and have “deep, connected conversations” that lead to people asking how they can work with you
  • How to ask powerful questions to uncover your prospect’s REAL needs so you can best serve them
  • How to navigate concerns with confidence and poise and get more “yesses”
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 Module 4: The Eight Phases of Follow-Up

  • Learn the eight phases of follow-up which begin long before the first contact with a prospect and lasts long after they’ve become a client
  • How to prequalify prospects so you don’t give up too soon, or chase unqualified leads too long
  • How to get more qualified referrals utilizing follow-up skills to “train” satisfied clients what to say on your behalf
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Module 5: Getting More “Yesses”

  • How to create a lasting first impression with skill and self-assurance so that people remember you and want to do business with you
  • How to effectively make the invitation in all phases of the follow-up process
  • How to utilize techniques to read prospects’ body language and recognize buying signals

I'm so excited. Since working with Debbie, I've signed up 12 new clients, achieved an all-time high sales rank, and my earnings have increased by 40%. I’ve learned so much from Debbie's training. I used to think it was rude to invite people to work with me during the first meeting. Now, I'm confidently inviting people to work with me. And, I'm much more organized...I consistently use my CRM, so clients aren't slipping through the cracks anymore.

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How Do You React When A Prospect Hits You With A Challenging Concern?

And, how do you get past those smokescreens? Have you thought of powerful questions that’ll elicit valuable information… the kind of information that can make or break the sale? I have!

My system will train you how to anticipate the behavior of your prospect and prepares you to maintain your poise and deal with problems that may arise.

  • You’ll become a better listener, ask more powerful questions, and navigate concerns like a PRO!
  • And, you’ll understand the importance of pre-qualifying and preparation… so you make more efficient use of your time and resources.

Do you have an automated system (a CRM) to keep keep track of everyone you meet? I’ll teach you how to use it properly and stay organized. Start bringing in new clients and increased revenue by creating a follow-up system.

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Are you finding yourself:

  1. Afraid of being too “pushy” or “salesy” with your follow-up?
  2. Disorganized and unsure … without a solid plan to follow up with prospects?
  3. Looking for ways to generate more referrals?

If the answer is “Yes!” don’t worry … you’re not alone. My follow-up system will open the door to bringing in a consistent flow of new clients.

I just completed my BEST MONTH EVER! Debbie Hoffman’s Mastery of Follow-Up program energized my business. She taught me skills I use daily to improve my interaction with prospects and clients. I’m networking more effectively and getting more clients. I actually got a sizable account last week after learning the proper way to ask for referrals! What I like best about working with Debbie is that she teaches immediately useful skills…then nudges me into action.

Joan StutesEDITED3

No more stacks of business cards piling up on your desk! No more trudging to networking events without enough results. This program will empower you to build deeper, more meaningful RELATIONSHIPS, convert more prospects to clients, and greatly increase your income.

Are you tired of feeling scattered? Are you ready to QUIT PROCRASTINATING? Take action … enroll now!

In my first 10 weeks after working with Debbie, I brought in 8 new clients and $20,000 in additional income.

I had given up on networking, because I never had any luck bringing in new business from these events. Now, people are being drawn to me. I share more powerfully what I do and people are leaning in wanting to know more. 80% of my business now comes from networking. Going to networking events isn't a chore anymore. I actually look forward to it! 

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