Breakthrough to Success One-on-One Coaching

Breakthrough To Success Private Coaching Program is Your Step-By-Step Road Map to Business Success

A Proven Heart-Centered, Customized Program — Designed Specifically For You and to Meet Your Needs — Showcasing Your Unique Gifts, Expertise, and Skills

6-Month Program

Heart-centered entrepreneurs struggle with sales and follow-up because they don't have systems in place… they're disorganized… they’re lacking confidence and belief in themselves. They want to scale but don’t know how. In addition, they don’t have JV/Power Partners to refer ideal clients to them.

Entrepreneurs are struggling to produce consistent sales results

They don't have a plan in place to attract and enroll their ideal clients

They don’t know how to pre-qualify potential clients, and they’re wasting time chasing the wrong people

They don't have systems place to keep track of their contacts and so they’re winging it and not leveraging the power of technology

They don't have a step-by-step process in place and potential clients and partners are slipping through the cracks

They’re not following up after networking events because they don't know what to say and do

Their inconsistent outreach and follow-up results in a lack of sales conversations

They’re not enrolling a high percentage of clients because they lack of confidence in their sales abilities

Some heart-centered entrepreneurs benefit more from working with a coach one-on one and receiving customized and personalized support to grow their business. A coach who's been on the same journey they are on can bring tremendous insight and wisdom to their unique challenges.

In this short video Debbie Hoffman describes The “Breakthrough To Success” Program which supports heart-centered entrepreneurs to grow their business with one on one coaching.

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Breakthrough to Success is For...

Heart-centered coaches, consultants, network marketers and entrepreneurs who have some systems in place but they’re stuck and not achieving the level of success they want in their business and are experiencing a high level of frustration.

We serve:

Business Coaches


Life Coaches

Health & Wellness Coaches

Network Marketers

Financial Advisors


Feng Shui Experts

NLP Trainer

Career Coaches

Leadership Mindset Coach

During The Breakthrough to Success You’ll Learn How to:

Implement your CRM system so you work more efficiently and effectively; clients and income won’t slip through the cracks

Share what you do in a way that has people leaning in to learn more about you

Network in a heart-centered way that builds trust and creates long term

A process to book coffee meetings with a plan that actually results in you receiving more referrals and clients

A step-by-step process to have more effective & powerful enrollment conversation that result in a higher percentage of ideal clients saying “yes” to working with you

Continue to follow up and nurture relationships by developing your “Chicken List” and creating engaging client stories

Create an “Objections Library” of customized scripts so you're prepared for every call

Overcome sales objections with confidence so you don’t get thrown off guard

Pre-qualify potential clients so you don’t want time with people who aren't your ideal client

Create loyal clients and sustain long term relationships by adding value and serving their real needs

Creating a referral strategy so you know when to ask, how to ask, and how to train your clients what to say on your behalf

Create a referral strategy so your clients think of you first and easily connect with you your ideal clients

We will create a step-by-step blueprint specifically designed for your business.

What Clients Are Saying...

Gwen Head Shot
In my first 10 weeks after working with Debbie, I brought in 8 new clients and $20,000 in additional income.

I had given up on networking, because I never had any luck bringing in new business from these events. Now, people are being drawn to me. I share more powerfully what I do and people are leaning in wanting to know more. Going to networking events isn't a chore anymore. I actually look forward to it!

— Gwen McClure, Professional Organizer & Interior Designer

The thing I like best about working with Debbie is her generosity of spirit... always giving exactly what I need (and with such abundance).

Debbie Hoffman has got it goin’ on! She's perhaps the most organized, professional, well-prepared and heart-full coach I have ever met. In our 6 months of working together, she has consistently offered me wisdom, clarity, guidance (and kindness) in a very attuned manner, from which I have benefited greatly. She's an exemplary coach, and really knows her stuff! Anyone who has a chance to work with her is what I would call “lucky”!

— Peggy O'Neill, Resiliency & Inclusion Trainer

Ali website headshot
Debbie's one-on-one coaching program brought out my inner genius. I am so grateful for her because she

Debbie's one-on-one coaching program brought out my inner genius. I am so grateful for her because she helped me understand the importance of structure and providing value to others all while staying true to myself. She is such a great soul and she always has my best interest at heart. Trust her with your business and you will see incredible things unfold.

 Ali Everett, Founder of The Everett Group at Simply Vegas

The Problems Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Face:


They don’t have a sales & follow-up system in place to scale their business


They’re not receiving referrals on a consistent basis.


During enrollment conversation they’re not enrolling clients


They’re not enrolling clients in sales conversations and not getting enough “yesses” to generate enough income for a sustainable business


They're attending lots of networking events and not getting the results to justify the time, energy and money invested


to Success

The Breakthrough To Success customized one on one coaching program will result in you consistently enrolling more clients, creating stable revenue, generating more referrals from clients and JV /Power Partners, higher conversion during enrollment conversations and experiencing more confidence.

Breakthrough to Success

A Proven Heart-Centered, Customized Program...

Designed Specifically For You and to Meet Your Needs


Showcasing Your Unique Gifts, Expertise, and Skills

"Working with Debbie 1 on 1 in Breakthrough to Success"

— Jill Fischer, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

BONUS: Soul Guidance Session with Sahar Nafal

During this 30-minute private call, Sahar will identify and clear what’s holding you back so you can create the miraculous results you've been looking for in your life and business.

Value... $497


Want To See If Breakthrough To Success Is The Right Fit For You?

Debbie Hoffman
America's Sales & Follow-up Expert

Debbie Hoffman is a heart-centered sales & follow-up expert, speaker and founder of "Power-Up Your Follow-Up." She works with relationship driven coaches, entrepreneurs and network marketers who are letting potential clients and income slip through the cracks because they don't have a reliable sales & follow-up system in place. Her proven step-by-step formula supports them to have more ideal clients saying "yes" to working with them.

After 20 years of working on Wall Street as a Managing Director, with over $25-billion in sales, Debbie took her organizational skills (and an extraordinary ability to connect with people) and created multiple six-figure businesses.

In addition, Debbie had tremendous success as a Network Marketer, having built an international team of several thousand consultants. She's also a bestselling author and has a book highlighting her proven follow-up system… due out in 2022.

Her mission is to support entrepreneurs to share their gifts and get their message out in a big way so they can create the impact they're here to make.

Debbie Hoffman

I see heart-centered entrepreneurs struggling with follow up, low sales conversion, and wasting time with the wrong people…all of which leads to low self confidence, inconsistent revenue and self doubt.

I’m passionate about helping heart-centered entrepreneurs like you ease the suffering that comes with these sales and follow-up issues.

If you've been struggling…and potential clients and income have been slipping through the cracks… and you want a proven step by step process to shift your business from stress and overwhelm to ease and flow…creating consistent sales results, I invite you to join me.

“My 6-month, Breakthrough To Success customized one one to one coaching program will support you to get all your systems and processes in place so you know what to do and what to say at every step of the way. You will build your confidence, grow your network, enroll more clients, and increase your revenue.”

debbie hoffman

Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Rave About The Breakthrough to Success One-on-One Coaching…

I started working with Debbie because I was ready to take my business to the next level – and that’s exactly what happened!

Thanks to Debbie, my client base doubled! I always had goals, but Debbie helped me refine my strategy and take action. She was supportive every step of the way, giving me the confidence and skills to network effectively, price my projects properly, and most importantly, increase the value I provide for my clients. Her advice is clear, actionable, and it really works. 

— Lucy Wahl, Professional Organizer

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