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"Power-Up Your Networking" Virtual Event


December 15th

9:30 am-12:00 pm (pacific)

"Power-Up Your Networking" is not your typical networking event. This event is for heart- centered conscious entrepreneurs who are struggling to find their people and they’re tired of being hosed down and sold to at events. 

This is a space where you can be seen and heard and truly connect with awesome people. Magical things happen at my events!

If this speaks to you, please register below and invite a friend to join you for FREE!

We have a Vendor expo before and after the event where you will learn about resources to support you in your personal life and business, or you can have a booth to promote your business! 

Here’s the Schedule:

Vendor Expo: 9:30am - 10:00am pacific

Networking: 10:00am - 11:30am pacific

Vendor Expo: 11:30am - 12:00pm pacific 

Here's What to Expect:

  • Connect with other heart-centered entrepreneurs (who could possibly introduce you to your next high end client)

  • Be part of a community of like-minded peope that's all about learning and growing

  • Meet 1-on-1 and in small groups with amazing leaders who are creating change in the world

  • Find JV/ Power partners to collaborate with

  • Visit our vendor expo or be a vendor and showcase your product/service

  • Be inspired and motivated to follow up!

Guest Speaker - Tonya Hofmann

During her presentation, "Simple Steps to Client Attraction", Tonya will share:

  • BeeFound... Konnections are the Life Blood of Business
  • BeeSeen... Create Massive Visibility
  • BeeHeard... Get Your Message Out to the World

BeeKonnected CEO and Co-Founder Tonya Hofmann has surrounded herself with the most amazing people in the world, and now with BeeKonnected, she is connecting the world together to help fabulous experts who can truly change people's lives connect to those who need them.

BeeKonnected is "Like a Dating Software for Business Owners... But we just changed the questions!"

Free Membership at BeeKonnected

Tonya's offering a gift for you to become a member of BeeKonnected for free. Here's the link to join: https://debbie.beekonnected.com

Vendor Tables Available

Here’s what you’ll receive as a vendor:

  • Private breakout room to display your product/service for 30 minutes before and after the event

  • A slide with your picture and contact information shown at the beginning of the event

  • 45-seconds to share what you do in front of the entire group

  • Your contact information will be included in the reminder emails to registered guests

  • Private vendor meeting with Debbie where she'll share tips to maximize your vendor experience

Leslie Engel
Life & Wellness Coach


“I attended Debbie’s first networking event and was so impressed by how graceful and authentic she was, handling a new concept with lots of people and many moving parts and pieces. It was awesome and provided multiple opportunities to network with others one-on-one and in the group breakout rooms/sessions. It was so fun, genuine, and a well-run experience, I see her expanding her vision and consistently working to improve ways in which this virtual networking experience can provide for all participants. Thank you, Debbie!”

Ming Lovejoy
Wellness Coach


“Thank you, Debbie! I've attended several of your networking events, and each time, I've left feeling that it was time well spent. Because of your giving spirit, you attract others who come from the heart, offering their expertise with a desire to build up the other members of the community. I've made so many valuable connections, and am grateful to have also been motivated to dig deep, and see where my connections might be helpful to others. Can't wait for the next event.“

Amy Kanarek
Jewelry Designer/Maker

Doyle Brown

“Networking in the time of plague has brought pivots for all who are building their businesses. This is a great way to find clients and power partners allowing your business to expand globally.”

Doyle Brown


“I loved Debbie's Networking Event! I made some great contacts and met a possible joint venture partner. I strongly recommend this event to anyone who’s looking to network with high quality people.”

Elaine Williams
Video & Performance Coach

Dr Beth Halbert

“I attended Debbie Hoffman's phenomenal networking event. I loved the experience of going into small groups, having a trained planned structure and meeting all the new people from the comfort of my own home. What a fun and fabulous way to meet people! Thank you Debbie for your visionary out of the box mindset.”

Dr. Beth Halbert
America's Teenologist


“Debbie Hoffman has created a valuable virtual networking opportunity during COVID-19. These sessions have been beneficial and practical; she has offered instructive, practical tips and then broken attendees into small groups to put them into practice. Each session has reviewed and built upon the previous session. She has invited guest speakers to present just before or during the 2-hour scheduled Zoom sessions. She has even provided the opportunity for virtual vendor tables! I have met people from around the world--people I would never have had the opportunity to meet Face-to-Face. Thank you, Debbie!”

Barbara Ingrassia

Terza Elkholm

“Thank you, Debbie, for another fabulous networking event! I love the flow of this event, the number and variety of breakout rooms we get to participate in, as well the caliber of attendees. Everyone is so willing to share of themselves - everyone is a connector! And, I get to do a lot of business as well. Great event in which to participate as vendor as well!”

Terza Elkholm
Client Engagement Partner

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