Mastery! of Follow-Up

6-Month Group Coaching Program

Your Step-By-Step ROAD MAP Through The Entire Sales Process.
A Proven Heart-Based System Designed To Produce

  • Mastery lays out specific follow-up action steps presented clearly, concisely and in sequence
  • With 91 proven scripts that show you what to do and what to say... every step of the way
  • An easy-to-follow plan that will prepare you for every phase of the sales process (and get you more “Yesses”)

Learn How To Develop And Manage An Organized System For Your Business.

We’ll cover everything you need to know...
How to prepare before you meet with a prospect or attend a networking event.
How to pre-qualify prospects and make productive use of your time.
How to navigate peoples’ concerns.
Plus, how to follow-up with clients after they’ve said “Yes” to working with you.

Mastery Means More Than Knowing What To Do…

It’s About How You’re Showing Up, How You’re Being!

When You’re Fully Prepared, Your Confidence Will Soar!

People Will Be Drawn To You Like A Magnet!

Find Out If “Mastery of Follow-Up” Is For You

Gwen McClure - up close

“In my first 10 weeks, I brought in 8 new clients and $20,000 in additional income.”

“I had given up on networking, because I never had any luck bringing in new business from those events. Debbie’s Mastery of Follow-Up program changed all that!”

~ Gwen McClure
Professional Organizer & Interior Designer

Why Struggle To Do It All By Yourself?

(when there’s a proven system in place to guide you)

The Mastery Program Includes:

  • 6 Training Modules

    With training videos, workbooks, templates, and scripts to support you in powering-up your sales results. The modules guide you through my proven 9-Step Follow-Up Road Map.

  • 18 Group Coaching Calls

    Three calls per month... Get your questions answered and receive laser coaching and support from Debbie on action steps and challenges you are facing in your business. You’ll also receive feedback and support from the group.

  • 12 Mastermind Meetings

    Practice scripts, role play and get constructive feedback and support from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Celebrate your progress, receive input from Debbie on action steps, be accountable (and inspired) in our private community of entrepreneurs... all committed to mastering the sales process.

  • Over 90 Scripts & Templates

30-Second Commercial Template
What Do You Do Templates
Pre-Qualifying Script
Testimonial Request Templates

Navigating Concerns Script
Networking Template
Coffee Date Template
Survey Template

Referral Scripts
Email Templates
Phone Scripts
And Many More...

  • Bonuses:

    Bonus #1: “Profitable Networking Formula” 5-Week Home Study Program (Value $497)
    Bonus #2: Two Private Coaching Calls With Debbie-We’ll create your personalized Road Map (Value $1,497)
    Bonus #3: Private “Soul Guidance” Session With Sahar Nafal (Value $497)
    Bonus #4: Twelve "Power-Up Your Networking" Events (Value $228)

    Total Value of Bonuses: $2719

Pamela Meyer - up close

“The moment I met Debbie Hoffman I was struck by her skills, sensitivity and warmth...”

“The Mastery of Follow-Up program provided a comprehensive system and exciting possibil-ities for improving my sales results. I can say that I now love networking and look forward to implementing even more of what I learned. Debbie is helping me communicate effectively to my ideal clients. I trust her with my heart and am grateful that I said yes to her invitation.”

~ Pamela Meyer
Life Coach & Therapist

Here’s A Breakdown Of Each Training Module…

“Mastery offers a powerful opportunity to convert more prospects into clients.”

Module #1: Design Your Unique Road Map

  1. 1. Setting up your CRM
  2. 2. Identifying your Ideal Client
  3. 3. What makes you Unique
  4. 4. "What do you do” statement
  5. 5. Preparing your ‘30-Second Commercial’
  6. 6. The Art of Networking
  7. 7. Create your Free Gift, Discovery Session, invitations, flyers
  8. 8. “Rock Your Vendor Booth” (at networking events)

Module #2: Win People Over In Your First Contact

1. Learning Networking skills (cont.)
2. Creating client stories and testimonials
3. Follow-up to get the most out of your networking efforts
4. How to use your CRM... create tags, notes, set reminders
5. Preparing scripts and templates
6. Social Media messages
7. Creating power partner relationships to grow your business
8. Making the most of your ‘get-to-know-you’ coffee meetings
9. Referral language... for JV / Power Partners and clients

Module #3: Nurturing The Relationship

1. Social Media strategy and follow-up
2. Pre-qualifying prospects
3. Online calendar system
4. How to pre-qualify before a Discovery Session
5. Assessment tools
6. Email templates for referral strategy
7. Continuing the follow-up process... scripts & templates for different scenarios
8. Follow-up guidelines... how often to call, how long, best methods of communication
9. Guidelines for creating compelling emails and voicemail messages
10. Email marketing strategy

Module #4: Enrollment Mastery... How To Get More “Yesses”

1. Creating a powerful enrollment conversation
2. Asking powerful questions
3. Navigating concerns (overcoming objections)
4. Inviting people to work with you (closing the sale)
5. Key elements of enrollment
6. The Art of Listening

Module #5: The Long-Term Game of Success

1. After event follow-up script and email template for prospects interested in what you offer
2. Adding value to your follow-up efforts
3. Your ‘Chicken List’... Breaking through your comfort zone
4. Servant Leadership... Following up “from your heart”
5. Navigating concerns
6. Creating an ‘Objections Library’

Module #6: Double Your Referrals, Make Your Clients Stick, Create A Client For Life

1. Balancing your masculine with your feminine side
2. Referral Strategy: How to ask your clients, referral partners, JV / power partners for referrals
3. Training your clients to give you referrals; what to say on your behalf
4. Strategy for giving and receiving referrals
5. JV partner strategy: “Upstream & Downstream” partners
6. Client Surveys... plus, asking for testimonials & referrals
7. Anticipating Buyers’ Remorse
8. Ongoing client follow-up

Karenina Jahnigen - up close

“I didn’t realize that follow-up is actually a step-by-step discovery process that leads to consistent sales results.”

“The most valuable lesson I learned from Mastery of Follow-Up was the patience and caring persistence I need to develop with my past, current and potential clients. Now, I’ve been given the tools to build an effective system, and I’m less caught up in administrative chaos. I appreciate how many important topics the program touched upon… from branding and core message, to different templates for the different stages of follow-up, client retention and client fulfillment."

~ Karenina Jahnigen
CEO, Success Mindset Coach & Breakthrough Specialist

Want to create an organized sales process for your business?

_Joan Stutes - up close

“I just completed my BEST MONTH EVER!”

“Debbie Hoffman’s Mastery of Follow-Up program energized my business. She taught me skills I use daily to improve my interaction with prospects and clients. I’m networking more effectively and getting more clients. I actually got a sizable account last week after learning the proper way to ask for referrals! What I like best about working with Debbie is that she teaches immediately useful skills… then nudges me into action.”

~ Joan Stutes
Financial Consultant

Create A Consistent Stream Of Qualified Prospects
Develop JV / Power Partners
Network More Effectively
And, Get More “Yesses!”

After Completing Mastery,
You’ll Have The Skill-Set To...

  • Connect with prospects and build relationships in a way that feels authentic and produces consistent sales results
  • Respond to objections professionally with confidence
  • Utilize your CRM system wisely to end the cycle of dropped balls, loose ends and lost customers that keep slipping through the cracks
  • Build loyal clients and sustain long term relationships by adding value and serving their real needs
  • Overcome those limiting beliefs and fabricated stories that stop you dead in your tracks
  • Pre-qualify prospects… and get more “Yesses!” (i.e. close more sales)

No More Procrastination. No More Guessing.

Learn every facet of a proven follow-up system that has helped so many entrepreneurs propel their businesses to the next level and achieve financial freedom.

Gloria Ramos - up close

“Debbie’s 3-Day Live Event was a life-changing experience for me... And her Mastery of Follow-Up training gave me the tools to build a successful business..”

“I’ve always had this awful FEAR of REJECTION… that I wasn’t good enough. Well, the Live Event opened my eyes, and Debbie’s 6-month Mastery Program was the perfect follow-up. Now, I have an organized step-by-step system in place, and I bring a positive energy that potential clients connect with immediately."

~ Gloria Ramos
Massage Therapist

Brigette Callahan - up close

“I knew I needed to follow up, but I figured I could learn it on my own. Unfortunately, I was going about it all wrong.”

“I guess waiting for people to call when they’re ready isn’t such a good strategy. After starting Debbie’s program, I realized there was so much more to nurturing clients to get those top pay-ing gigs... and her system made it so easy to implement. Within a month, my whole mindset changed. I gained so much more confidence, my conversations were well-planned and I had a much higher conversion rate. Now, I’m consistently closing 4 out of 5 sales conversations, and I’m so busy I need to hire more staff. That’s the business growth I’ve always wanted."

~ Brigette Callahan
Presentation Design Expert

Patricia White - up close

“Before taking Mastery of Follow-Up, I wasn’t sure how to connect with potential clients.”

“I was afraid of sounding pushy, and my follow-up was random and incomplete. Debbie helped me focus on building relationships in a natural, sincere way. I developed a solid follow-up system and my business took off! In the first month, I doubled my monthly sales."

~ Patricia White
Independent Advisor, H2O At Home

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