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Make Setting an Intention Part of Your Daily Routine


Setting intentions can create miracles in your business and in your personal life

A very powerful practice that you can incorporate into your business and into your personal life is setting an intention before everything that you do. Before you go to a networking event or have a speaking gig or get on a call with a potential client for a discovery session, set an intention. An intention for a coach who is creating a program or workshop could be setting an intention of how many people you want to have enroll in your program.

Whenever I have a program coming up, I set an intention of how many people I want to have in the program. Importantly, though, I don’t limit what the universe provides to me. And quite often, it’s uncanny that when I look back at what I wrote down as my intention and then see what actually happened, I notice that the intention I set was realized. This just happened recently with one of my programs where I ended up with the exact number of people that I set the intention to have joined the program.

Before you go to a networking event, for instance, you can set an intention of how many potential power partners and JV partners you want to connect with. You can do that when you have a speaking gig and you’re offering a free gift or discovery session during your talk, too. Set an intention of how many people you want to have sign up for that offer. I recommend you set an intention before you do anything and see what happens.


Writing in a gratitude journal every day can be a powerful exercise

Another thing I do that I find super powerful is to always start the day writing in a gratitude journal. Every morning, I write down five things I’m grateful for in my journal. It starts every day on a positive note that carries me throughout my day.

I then create my dream day in my journal so that it’s like setting an intention for the entire day. I write it as if it’s the end of the day and I’m reporting back what happened that day.

A recent example of this is where I completed working on a training program that I’m offering to Magpai – which used to be Smart Biz Quiz – for Jane Deuber. As I was working on creating that training, I wrote in my journal that morning that I had completed the training, I had recorded it, then I sent it to Jane and it came out great. I wrote that I had a fabulous day and I went on and on and on about everything that I wanted to have happen that day, as if it had already happened. I was putting it out into the universe and saying this is what I want to have happen, but with no attachment to results; we can’t have an agenda. Having an agenda just messes up the whole energy flow. Just put it out there; whatever happens, happens.

Be Accountable

To begin each day and every event off on a positive note, start a powerful daily practice to create an intention for your entire day. To help with this, I actually have a 30-Day Accountability Journal that’s on Amazon where we have all these different practices – some are more internal practices, including the dream day, and some are practices for follow-up and getting into action.

Take a Biz Quiz

I would love for you to take my short Power-Up Biz Quiz. In just a few minutes, you’ll get a really clear idea of where you stand with your follow-up and what areas you’re doing well with where you can celebrate. You’ll also be able to see those areas where potential clients and income might be slipping through the cracks.

Follow up with me!

I’d love for you to contact me to let me know what happened when you took these actions. There are so many different situations where setting an intention is so powerful – whether it’s for business or your personal life. Just remember not to set a limit on what the universe brings you. And tell me what happened when you created your dream day. No agenda setting, though!

And if you have any topics you want me to address, please don’t hesitate to reach out and I will create a video tip or write an article to serve your needs. I want to share topics that are relevant to you and your business!

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