4 Secrets To “Power-Up!” Your Sales
(Without Being Salesy!)

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Learn EXCLUSIVE strategies to create deeper connections, based on solving your prospect’s genuine needs.

Work smarter, not harder! Learn how an automated CRM system will help you work more efficiently and give you time back in your day.

Discover the highly-tuned listening skills that are essential to getting more prospects to say “Yes!”.

Learn how critical it is to have a referral system that consistently brings in new clients.


“I'm so excited. Since working with Debbie, I've signed up 12 new clients, achieved an all-time high sales rank, and my earnings have increased by 40%.”

I’ve learned so much from Debbie's training. I used to think it was rude to invite people to work with me during the first meeting. Now, I'm confidently inviting people to work with me. And, I'm much more organized...I consistently use my CRM, so clients aren't slipping through the cracks anymore.

Andrea Burnett, Rodan + Fields Consultant

Hi, I’m Debbie Hoffman. Although I’ve built a successful business, believe me – it hasn’t always been rosy! When I entered into the entrepreneurial world, I struggled to gain traction. Unfortunately, I’d fallen into the trap of being salesy and pushy. I’d learned this behavior from my time spent on Wall Street – which served me very well there! But, Wall Street and entrepreneurship require different ways of interacting with people. So, I developed a follow-up system that created relationship-rich connections. This specific follow-up system was a major contributing factor in building a wildly-successful business that I am proud of! This guide is the first step to revitalizing your sluggish prospect conversions. Do yourself a favor: Download the Guide! I’m here to help you succeed. That’s my promise to you! See you there, Debbie

Debbie Hoffman

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