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Do you set an INTENTION every day (for what you want to accomplish)?

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I’m really big on “setting your intention” before every activity… whether it’s a speaking gig, a networking event, a coffee date, or a discovery session  with a potential client. When you set an intention, you put out into the universe what you want to have happen, and it’s amazing what you can create. 

My invitation to you this week is before you attend a networking event, write down exactly what you want to accomplish without attachment to the results..Write it down and speak it out loud (in front of your mirror)…include every significant detail. How many power partners do you want to meet? How many great connections do you want to make? How many potential clients do you want to meet? Whatever it is that you want to have happen, be very intentional about it. Go back later and reference what you wrote down to see what actually happened. 

I have a daily practice… I write down my dream day. I’m setting an intention for the entire day… and it’s so powerful to see how I’m creating what happens in my life. I strongly recommend that you do the same. Set a daily routine of writing down your intentions for everything you do. And, I’d love you to comment on the Power-Up Your Follow-Up Facebook business page and let me know how this practice is working for you.

There are so many facets to creating a reliable follow-up plan that will generate consistent sales results for your business. If you want to know where you currently stand, I invite you to take my short quiz at In less than 10 minutes, you’ll get a really clear picture of the key follow-up areas where potential clients (and money) may be slipping through the cracks.

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