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Do you pre-qualify your prospects?


There are several key factors involved in determining if a prospect is worthy of your time.

  1.  Is Your Prospect The Decision Maker?
    Have you ever met with a potential client and made a presentation that you spent a good amount of time preparing for, only to find out that he/she isn’t the final decision maker? After all that, they inform you that they need to talk to their spouse/partner, or they need their boss’s approval before buying… pretty frustrating, right? 

Before you meet with a potential client, I recommend that you find out if another person needs to be part of the conversation and make sure that all decision makers are present. 

  1. Can The Prospect Afford Your Product/Service; Is It In The Budget?
    Do they have the resources (or, do they have access to resources) to invest with you? Remember, it’s not always about whether they have the money… It’s about having the MINDSET and commitment to do what it takes! Because, they see the VALUE of your offer. Sometimes they need to get creative… either borrow the money, or get a loan, or a line of credit… whatever it takes!

  2. What’s Their Timing? Is There Urgency?
    Is your prospect looking for a solution now… or some time in the future? Always prioritize your prospects in direct proportion to WHEN they need your solution to their problem. Your time is valuable.

My invitation to  you this week is when you meet with potential clients, make sure you’re asking POWERFUL QUESTIONS to prequalify them before your scheduled meeting, and when you get together, early on in the meeting to determine if they’re worth spending your valuable time with, because you don’t want to chase unqualified leads. However, there’s a fine balance between asking qualifier questions too soon (i.e. before you’ve established trust and respect), versus waiting too long and realizing that it’s been a waste of your time. 

I invite you to join my Power-Up Your Follow-up Community on Facebook where you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, participate in group conversations about the challenges you’re facing and get support from other members of the community. 

I look forward to seeing you there. 


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