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Do you feel salesy and pushy when following up with potential client?

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I talk to so many entrepreneurs and what I hear over and over again is that people feel like they need to be aggressive, salesy and pushy when they’re following up, and that just doesn’t feel good to them. 

What I share with them is that it’s about a MINDSET SHIFT. There’s a more heart-based approach to following up with people that feels more compelling that’s building connection, as opposed to being repelling and salesy. So what if when you follow-up with someone, you were letting them know that you were showing up in service to them, and that you really cared about them. That would create a very different experience of following up, wouldn’t it? Your clients are waiting for you to follow-up with them. They’re waiting for you to show up in service to them and to help them fulfill their needs and solve their problems. 

My invitation  to you this week is…

When you follow-up with people, come from your heart (and, not so much your head)…and let go of your agenda. We all have our masculine and feminine sides. You need to find a happy balance between the two. Our masculine side gets stuff done; our feminine side is usually where we connect with people on a deeper level. So when you follow-up, come more from the heart and build deeper connections with people. Show them that you care, and your fear of being salesy and pushy is going to drop off. 

My heart-based philosophy is the basis of my step-by-step follow-up system.  Please send me an email, and let me know how a heart-based approach improves your results. You can also post in our Power-Up Your Follow-Up Facebook community. 

I invite you to take my short quiz. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll have a clear picture of where potential clients (and income) may be slipping through the cracks. 

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