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Are you struggling to grow your list and enroll your ideal clients?


A major problem I see with entrepreneurs is that they’re working so hard to grow their list and consistently enroll their ideal clients.. and they’re doing it all alone. They’re running ads, posting on social media, sending endless emails and they’re not seeing the results that they want…and they’re exhausted! Can you relate to any of this (or all of it?)

That’s where I was several years ago. I was sending out emails… nothing was happening…and my list wasn’t growing and I was exhausted. 

Then I created an easy, fun process that I’ve been engaging in that has made such a big difference for my business. 

In this blog, I’m going to share three tips with you so you can have more fun and grow your list and enroll more of your ideal clients.

Step one: 

When you go out to network or attend any event, either online or in person, look for those people who have similar clients as you, that are not in competition with you. Look for entrepreneurs who you can partner up with to refer folks back and forth to each other. That way you won’t work so hard trying to find your ideal clients on your own.

Step two: 

Once you’ve found these ideal partners and you’ve met and agreed that you’re a good fit,  you want to start promoting each other’s programs, services, or products by sending out emails to each other’s lists and posting on social media, etc. This is a great way to get exposure into your partner’s community and get outside of your own backyard. But you need to have other promotion strategies aside from just sending emails, as people’s inboxes are inundated these days and open rates are plummeting.

Step three: 

Start doing list build interview swaps. I started being interviewed by people, and realized that it’s the most intimate way to meet your ideal clients. It’s a fun way to meet and connect with people, and you’ll have instant credibility, respect and trust because your partner is bringing you into their community.

I decided that I needed to share this process with others. That’s why I created the “Profitable Interview Formula… A  Fun Easy Way To Grow Your List and Enroll Your Ideal Clients” Workshop. It’s a three hour workshop that I’m hosting on June 22nd from 10:00 am-1:00 pm Pacific.  During this workshop, you’ll learn my entire step by step system of how to set up these interviews and what to do every step of the way. You’ll receive everything you need to know to do these interviews with your partners, grow your list and enroll more of your ideal clients. Click here for more details and to register powerupyourfollow

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