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Are You Consistently Asking Your Clients For Referrals?

Are You Consistently Asking Your Clients For Referrals?

Referrals are the best way to fill your pipeline with qualified prospects who are already interested in what you offer. One of the biggest mistakes I’m seeing entrepreneurs make is that they are making everything else they do in their business more important than asking for referrals and leaving a significant amount of money on the table. Watch this video to learn more.

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Are you consistently– and I mean consistently– asking your clients for referrals? Did you know that referrals are the best source for keeping your pipeline full of qualified leads of people who are already interested in what you have to offer? It’s true. But what I’m finding when I speak to entrepreneurs, is that they’re making everything else that they do in their business more important than asking for referrals.

The statistics show that one out of twenty people, on average, will end up working with you. But here’s the difference: One out of six referred prospects will end up doing business with you. That’s the whole point. You either talk to twenty people and get one client; or six people and get one client. You choose.

The statistics also show that 45% of customers that are looking for a new service come from the recommendations of others. So, I think it is really important for you to focus more on getting referrals. But most people aren’t. It’s not only asking your clients for referrals, but it’s asking your referral partners and power partners for referrals as well.

And you don’t want to just say: “I’m looking for referrals. Can you refer people to me?” You want to be really specific on the kind of person you’re looking for. Who’s your ideal client?

I might say: “Who do you know who’s struggling to get more clients, struggling with their follow-up, and are looking to grow their business?” I love working with people in Network Marketing. Again, I’m very specific and ask them: “Who do you know who’s in Network Marketing, or a leader in a Network Marketing company, who wants to help their team to grow their organization and to be more successful?”

Be very clear on who you’re looking for and the problem that you solve for them. “I help people get more clients by improving their follow-up by having a system and being more efficient. So, people who are running from networking event to event and not seeing the results that they want…that’s a good referral for me.”

My invitation to you this week, is to call your clients and ask for referrals. But you need to know when to ask for the referral, how to ask for it, and how to train your clients on what to say on your behalf. That’s where I come in. If you’re looking to grow your business and get more referrals, please request a conversation with me by clicking below.

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