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You Need A Proven Follow-Up System

Today’s successful entrepreneur must have a step-by-step follow-up system in place in order to maximize sales results.

Why? Because follow-up IS the sales process!
And without a proven plan, you’ll NEVER make the most efficient use of your time and resources. Unfortunately, over 90% of entrepreneurs have not had the proper training.

Isn’t it time to break away from old habits that haven’t worked (and break through your comfort zone to generate Big Results)?

Here’s what my Power-Up! Your Follow-Up coaching program can do for you:

  • Consistently convert more prospects into clients
  • Fill your pipeline with qualified customers
  • Overcome objections with confidence and poise
  • Network less … and net more money (because you’re properly prepared)
  • Connect with prospective clients authentically 
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When you first connect with a prospect, a relationship is initiated. Follow-up is how that connection is NURTURED … step-by-step.

Follow-up begins long before your initial contact, and lasts long after the sale. My training will prepare you on what to say… and equally important… how to BE.

Only 8% of entrepreneurs have a well-planned follow-up system in place. And those 8% are doing 80% of all the business out there. I want YOU to be one of those “Eight Percenters!” It begins by taking ACTION!

Earn More Income…

In my first 10 weeks after working with Debbie, I brought in 8 new clients and $20,000 in additional income.

I had given up on networking, because I never had any luck bringing in new business from these events. Now, people are being drawn to me. I share more powerfully what I do and people are leaning in wanting to know more. Going to networking events isn't a chore anymore. I actually look forward to it!

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Get My FREE Guide:
4 Secrets To “Power-Up” Your Sales



Create A Step-By-Step Success Plan
For Your Business

Are you committed to taking your business to the next level? Want to Power-Up YOUR Follow-Up? Let’s have a one-on-one conversation to determine whether we are a good fit.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

We’ll discuss challenges you are facing, and how a powerful follow-up system can improve your results.

Schedule Free Consultation

Live Event

Live Event

In 3 days, you’ll change your mindset, restore your confidence, and learn skills to convert more prospects into clients.

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Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs

Master your follow-up with a proven step-by-step blueprint to grow your business with less time and effort.

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Get My FREE Guide:
4 Secrets To “Power-Up” Your Sales



Generate More Clients…

Since working with Debbie, I’m meeting more people and booking more appointments that are generating more clients and increased sales.

Power-Up Your Follow-Up has helped me build my confidence and skill-set with networking, client engagement and relationship building. The time that I’ve spent with Debbie in her one-on-one coaching sessions has been very personalized to my specific business needs.

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My Why

Dear Friend,

Though I have been fortunate to create a thriving business with a consistent flow of clients, it wasn’t always that way.

Yes, I started with a very successful, 20-year Wall Street career. But had no time for my family and wanted to spend more quality time raising my son.
So I started a network marketing business and struggled at first, until I realized the salesy and aggressive approach that served me very well on Wall Street didn’t work in an entrepreneurial environment. When I let go of my agenda and began serving the needs of others, my business took off…

Money wasn’t an issue for me and things were GREAT. My husband was a high-end custom home builder. Everything was going along just fine until the financial crisis and subsequent real estate market crash. We lost ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING and as you can imagine I was devastated.

Picking up the pieces wasn’t easy. But deep down I knew there was a reason this happened to us. I prayed to figure out why and how I could financially and emotionally recover. I almost gave up on my dreams. I tapped back into my follow-up system and building relationships that had always proven to be successful. This is how I rebuilt my business and my life.

It’s very clear to me now that the reason we experienced such traumatic loss was so I could share this story and inspire others going through hard times. Not only that, I could show them a step-by-step follow-up process to become happy and prosperous again.

And, believe me, we can all make breakthroughs. I am dedicated to helping you hold onto your dreams, never give up, and create the impact you are here to make.

Let’s get to know each other and explore how we can power up your dreams.


Let’s Talk

Get My FREE Guide:
4 Secrets To “Power-Up” Your Sales



Create More Freedom

My sales have grown by 20% and I owe it all to Debbie.

When I'm stuck at a roadblock, Debbie can nail down my issues and provide a solution on the spot. She is gifted, knowledgeable and inspiring. She has taught me to approach my prospects from a completely different perspective that builds trust during the initial contact period. We all know that “the fortune is in the follow-up” yet if you’re anything like me, then your follow-up is horrible. Debbie has revolutionized my follow-up strategies and influenced every facet of my business.

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