Learn How To Convert
More Prospects Into Clients

With A Proven Follow-Up Success System

Big results come when you nurture your prospects through an organized Discovery Process. There are specific ways to communicate with people that result in major business success... if you follow a proven process.

My 7-Week Program will equip you with a valuable toolkit that you can use right away to accelerate your sales results.” ~ DEBBIE HOFFMAN

Dear Entrepreneur,

Have you been working exhaustive hours, trudging from networking event to event, but you’re struggling to get enough clients to justify the time and expense invested?

Do you feel stressed-out and frustrated, because you’re not sure what to do next? So many entrepreneurs are not maximizing their business potential. They’re leaving significant money on the table due to poor follow-up skills or an ineffective follow-up program. Because they haven’t received the proper training.

I’ve created a breakthrough training program designed especially for you.

I want you to feel CONFIDENT in yourself and your business... And by confident, I mean

... the KNOW-HOW to increase your sales conversion ratios in a significant way

... by adopting a proven follow-up success system that you can COUNT ON to generate paying clients and consistent income

Why is follow-up critical to your success? Here’s the reality. Follow-up is more than just an important feature of the sales process… It IS the sales process! And your business cannot achieve maximum bottom- line results without it.

Did you know that 8% of entrepreneurs are doing 80% of the business out there? How do they do it? The same way you can... if you follow my step-by-step system, “Power-Up Your Sales! And Enroll More Clients... Fast.”

In my program you’ll learn how to:

• Network in a new and confident way that attracts a steady flow of clients, because you are properly prepared for every contact with a prospect

• Work less and earn more money by building prosperous relationships

• Introduce yourself at events so people enthusiastically “lean-in” to learn more

• Overcome those limiting beliefs (and fabricated stories) that stop you in your tracks

• Stand out from your competition so that you attract your ideal clients

• And much more

My proven follow-up success system has generated billions in sales during my career as a Wall Street Managing Director, and I can help you accelerate YOUR sales results, as well... without being “salesy.”

I’ll stimulate your curiosity and encourage you to look at your business from a whole new perspective.

Here’s to your success!


It’s a comprehensive, easy to understand program that’s designed to pay for itself before you’ve completed it.” ~ DEBBIE HOFFMAN

You Can Double (Even Triple) Your
Sales Conversion Rates

With The Same Number of Leads

Discover a breakthrough step-by-step program that will change your mindset, build your confidence, and start you on the road to success.


What do you say in those NERVOUS 30-seconds when you’re standing in front’ve a networking group… that’ll really GRAB their attention? And what about those spontaneous exchanges when someone important asks, "So, what do you do?”

Power-Up Your Sales! will train you on what to say and HOW TO BE, so you’ll get them to ‘lean-in’ and ask for more (instead’ve regretting what you did or didn’t say afterwards).” ~ DEBBIE HOFFMAN

Introducing My Breakthrough Program
For The Successful Entrepreneur


Power-Up Your Sales

And Enroll More Clients... Fast


7-Week Group Program


5 LIVE Training Webinars

2 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls


I’ve taken the best and juiciest secrets from my private one-on-one coaching programs (worth literally thousands of dollars) and combined them into an affordable 7-Week Program that I’ll present LIVE with compelling webinar visuals. Here’s your unique opportunity to...

• Break old habits that haven’t worked with a step-by-step follow-up system
• Break through fears that hold you back
• Attract more clients... without being salesy
• Properly utilize an automated CRM system
• Keep your pipeline filled with qualified leads who already want what you offer
• Work smarter, make deeper connections, have FUN!

Here’s What You’ll Learn
In My 5 LIVE Training Modules...

I’ll Answer Questions After Each Class

You’ll receive a handout and attachments prior to each class and there’ll be in-class exercises, plus assignments. I’ll respond to everyone’s questions and comments afterward. A replay link will be emailed within 24-hours.


Module 1: Facts, Stats & Reasons Why...

• Why a proven follow-up success system is critical to increasing your bottom-line sales results

• Overcome those limiting beliefs (and fabricated stories) that stop you dead in your tracks

• Create your “30-Second Infomercial” for memorable 
introductions that inspire your audience at networking events

• Develop a strategic “What Do You Do” statement so that you're clear, concise, and compelling during conversations


Module 2: Creating A System For Effective Follow-Up...

• The importance of an automated CRM system to organize, add structure and make efficient use of your time

• The most effective networking tips and strategies for business settings and high traffic events (participant or vendor)

• The right way to follow-up after an event; what to do with all those business cards, plus things NOT to do


Module 3: How to properly prepare for every meeting, phone conversation, email and social media contact...

• How to become a great listener so you can stimulate “warm conversations” that lead to success (and even hear what isn’t said!)

• How to ask powerful questions to uncover your prospect’s REAL needs

• How to overcome objections with confidence and poise


Module 4: The Eight Phases of Follow-Up...

• Follow-up begins long before the first contact and lasts long after the sale

• How to Prequalify Prospects so you don’t give up too soon, or chase unqualified leads too long

• How to get a “Lion’s Share” of qualified referrals utilizing follow-up skills to “train” satisfied customers


Module 5: Opening & Closing Chapters...

• How to create a lasting first impression with skill and self-assurance

• How to effectively close the sale in all phases of the follow-up process; utilizing follow-up techniques to read prospects’ body languag and stay alert to buying signals

Plus, You’ll Get
2 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls...

We'll Meet On Zoom

Featuring laser focus coaching from me. You’ll have an opportunity to ask specific questions about challenges you’re facing in your business… regarding follow-up and sales, or any related topic or problem.

Value of Program: $997

How do you react when a prospect hits you with a real tough objection? And, how do you get past those smokescreens? Have you thought of powerful questions that’ll elicit valuable information? The kind’ve information that can make or break the sale? I have!

My system trains you how to anticipate prospect behavior and prepares you to maintain your poise and deal with problems that may

And I’ve Added An Amazing

Check This Out...
Extra Value When You Register
For My 7-Week Program

My 7-Week Program is an incredible value. I’ve even decided to sweeten the kitty with several FREE BONUSES for you that I’ve never offered before.

Today, I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse... Because, I want everyone to benefit (and get the maximum value possible.” ~ DEBBIE HOFFMAN


Two Extra

Q&A Coaching Calls

FREE! Laser focus group problem-solving sessions where you’ll have an opportunity to ask me specific questions about challenges you are facing in your business.

VALUE... $497


Tickets For You (And A Guest)

To My 3-Day Experiential Live Event

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In the Bay Area at Four Points Sheraton, Pleasanton, CA

VALUE... $1,997


Stop Procrastinating,

Start Living Program

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Imagine if you could complete all of your tasks quickly, spend less time thinking and worrying about what's not done yet, and spend more time doing what you really want to be doing.

This program allows you to stop feeling overwhelmed by your tasks, get more done, and enjoy peace of mind today.

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VALUE... $697


Membership In My Private

Facebook Community

You’ll be part of a network of like-minded entrepreneurs who interact regularly and support one another.

VALUE... $497

7 Week Program
Plus BONUS Package

Your Special Price... $997

or 6 Monthly Payments of $197

I wasn’t kidding when I said this is a special offer. My program is sure to Power-Up Your Sales! And Enroll More Clients... Fast. It’s your move!

I'd love to work with you to take your business to the next level. So go ahead... click below, take a look and register.” ~ DEBBIE HOFFMAN

What They’re Saying...


“Since working with Debbie, I’ve signed twelve new clients and my income has increased by 40%.”

I’m converting more prospects into clients, because I’m better prepared to uncover people’s real needs and provide value-oriented solutions. I’m setting a clear intention before every contact, and I’m realy having fun doing something that’s always been very difficult for me. Debbie’s coaching has made all the difference.

“Debbie is an awesome leader. She brings a whole new perspective of service... and inspiration and...authenticity to her entrepreneur clientele.”

Her follow-up system is invaluable. I’ve attended her programs and
worked with her one-on-one and she’s helped me take my business to
the next level in every facet of the sales process... from scripts, tracking and closing my clients, to supporting my customers. I highly recommend her as a coach to sharpen your skills, increase your bottom-line results and build a team.


“Debbie Hoffman’s Power-Up! Your Follow-Up program has transformed my whole approach to building my business.”

My business was going nowhere; I hadn’t made a sale in four months.
Debbie changed all that... Now, I’m fully prepared for every new contact.
So I’m building solid business relationships that are paying-off. In fact, I
went out and closed four new clients.

“Debbie has helped me to create stronger bonds with my referral partners (which has generated many new business opportunities).”

My biggest issue was my inability to get that second meeting (after an
initial contact). Debbie has changed the way I approach follow-up. She’s a master at teaching me how to make a bigger impact on potential and existing clients to develop trust and credibility.


“Debbie is so authentic... I really relate to her coaching style. She has inspired me to adopt a value-oriented plan, and it works!”

I feel so PROFESSIONAL! I’m pre-qualifying my contacts more effectively,
and converting more prospects into long-term clients.

“I just completed the BEST MONTH EVER in six years of my financial services business. Power-Up! Your Follow-Up energized my business savvy, leading to sharper skills and increased productivity.”

Debbie Hoffman’s programs focus on language, business skills and organized activities which I use daily to improve my interactions with clients and increase my overall results. I actually got a sizeable account after learning the proper way to ask for a referral. What I like best about Debbie, is that she teaches me immediately useful skills... and then nudges me into action.


“When I’m stuck at a roadblock, Debbie can nail down my issues and provide a solution on the spot. She is gifted, knowledgeable and inspiring.”

Debbie has taught me to aproach my prospects from a completely different
perspective that builds trust during the initial contact period. We all know that the ‘fortune is in the follow-up’ and if you’re anything like me, then your follow-up is horrible. She has revolutionized my follow-up strategies and influenced every facet of my business. My sales have grown by 20% and I owe it all to her.

“Working with Debbie to refine my follow-up system has been a game changer! She’s helped me earn more than $20K from my database (and provide better service to the clients I already have).”

Her knowledge, patience and ability to find new layers of opportunity
within your contacts and connections is uncanny.


“It’s like a light bulb went on... Now I have a plan to
grow my business.”

Debbie Hoffman’s Power-Up! Your Follow-Up program gave me a system (and a purpose) for every follow-up contact. Debbie taught me how having a step-by-step system results in valuable relationships and more business. I have implemented her coaching and now I’m comfortable and confident knowing that each new contact is well planned. Thank you Debbie!

“Since I began my business, I’ve achieved unparalleled growth due to Debbie’s training program. I’ve completed in 3 short months, what alone would have taken me over a year to accomplish.”

Deborah Hoffman’s coaching system is absolutely essential for any business owner who wants to increase customer visibility and customer interaction. I encourage any new business owner to take advantage of her vast experience to accelerate their business forward at a rapid rate.


“Since working with Debbie, I’m getting more prospects to respond, setting more appointments and closing more sales!”

It’s amazing how being prepared and more organized has improved my confidence. I’m making better use of my time, because Debbie has given me the tools I needed. We’ve put a plan of action together... she has supported me... made me accountable... and it’s working.


Yes, Debbie! I would love to join your 7-Week Group Program

What I get in the 7-Week Group Program:
1) 5 LIVE Training Webinars  and 2 LIVE Q&A Coaching Calls ((Value $997)
2) BONUS #1: Extra Q&A Coaching Calls (Value $497)
3) BONUS #2: Tickets For You (And A Guest) To My 3-Day Experiential Live Event (Value $1,997)
4) BONUS #3: Stop Procrastinating, Start Living Program  (Value $697)
5) BONUS #4: Membership In My Private Facebook Community (Value $497)


NOTE: All of the 7-Week Power-Up! Your Sales trainings will be delivered via live
training webinars and Q&A calls led by Debbie Hoffman.

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