Create A Step-By-Step
Follow-Up Blueprint For Your Business.


“Knowledge is to Opportunity...
As Mastery is to Success.” ~ Debbie Hoffman

Here is a unique opportunity to master your follow-up skills.


My 6 Month Training Series featuring
an Interactive WEBINAR Format

The Webinar is an extraordinary learning tool that allows you to see and hear Debbie’s powerful program...

An ACTION TEMPLATE... that you can follow from initial contact... to final sale
6 WEBINAR TRAINING CALLS… where you will learn a step-by-step blueprint
12 TRAINING LABS... with personal in-depth coaching from Debbie
12 MASTERMIND FORUMS... to practice specific scripts and get constructive feedback


Convert more


We’ll Focus On What To Say...
And How To Say It.

And because we mirror a Step-by-Step
Follow-Up Blueprint, we'll also discuss
WHEN… and WHERE to say it.

Your body language and tone of voice are extremely
important considerations in every phase of the follow-up process…


Classes will include lots of ROLE PLAYING
And spontaneity... FREEDOM to practice, rehearse, discuss specific business issues
You’ll receive expert advice from Debbie...
and constructive feedback from the group
Prepare for specific situations...
Overcoming objections, pre-qualifying prospects, asking for referrals
The Psychology of Follow-Up...
The strategic thinking that leads to success


Think of this
6 Month Webinar Series
as an


We'll Study Each Specific Activity In Sequence.

You'll learn how to develop and manage a follow-up blueprint.

The Webinar Series begins in Mid-May…
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Debbie Hoffman's Mastery of Follow-Up

Sign-Up for my 6 Month WEBINAR SERIES

The Bottom-Line is Your Bottom-Line

Generate measurable results
Fill your pipeline with qualified leads
Convert more prospects into clients

If You Take Action Now!
You’ll Save Thousands.


Each class is loaded with valuable information and tips you can put to use right away.

Are you serious about
growing your business?
You must have a PLAN!


What Mastery Training will mean for you.

Mastery means more than knowing what to DO... 


You’ll learn the LANGUAGE of FOLLOW-UP...
More than what to Say and Write... How to BE!
How to develop POWER PARTNERS...
an untapped source to grow your business.
Hot tips on NETWORKING...
with scripts and live practice sessions.
Specific coaching from Debbie...
on your 30-second Infomercial, “What You Do,” overcoming objections, etc.

Master valuable follow-up skills

(and watch your business grow).

NETWORK more effectively
Pre-qualifying your prospects
How to properly prepare

The Anatomy of Follow-Up
The Technology of Follow-Up
How to overcome objections




Debbie Hoffman is an acclaimed coach, speaker and founder of “Power-Up! Your Follow-Up.” She works closely with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to sharpen their follow-up skills and implement well-targeted strategies to convert more prospects into valued clients.

Debbie was a highly successful investment banker with twenty-years experience as a Managing Director for Wall Street firms. Her extraordinary organizational skills and people-oriented personality were instrumental in building solid business relationships that resulted in over $25-billion in sales to institutional investors. Debbie also focused her energies as a wellness industry entrepreneur, building a team of over 2,000 consultants throughout North America. She has authored a new book highlighting her proven follow-up system, due out in 2016.

Debbie Hoffman lives in San Francisco’s East Bay with her husband. She enjoys outdoor activities (especially hiking & biking) and is an accomplished gourmet cook.


Success means

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