Debbie Hoffman Presents
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Power-Up! Your Follow-Up… LIVE

“How To Attract More Clients…Fast! (without Being Salesy)”

3-Day Experiential Live Event

November 10 – 12, 2017
Pleasanton, CA

America’s Foremost Authority
On Follow-Up

Former Wall Street
Managing Director,
Network Marketing

Group Exercises
Role Playing


Why Make It Your Business To Attend?
Because You Want To Convert More Prospects Into Clients…
And Follow-Up Is The System That Drives The Sale.

There’s something you have to understand. Follow-Up is not just calling a prospect after you meet… or providing good customer service. Follow-Up is an organized step-by-step process that builds prosperous business relationships by offering value-oriented solutions to your prospects’ real needs. It begins long before your initial contact, and lasts long after the sale. And, it involves more than knowing what to say (or when, or where to say it). You must work on who you‘re BEING.

Most entrepreneurs struggle with follow-up, because they haven’t been professionally trained.

Follow-up is more than a critical factor in every stage of the sales process. It IS the sales process!

Give Me Three Days,
And I’ll Change Your Mindset..V. Restore Your Confidence…
And Start You On The Road To Success.

This live training event is your opportunity to break away from old habits that haven’t worked, and break through those crippling fears that have held you back. You’ll view your business from a new, more positive perspective and you’ll be ready to achieve BIG RESULTS from your connections with potential customers. We’ll uncover the power of follow-up. How to network less, and net more money. How to get more “Yesses”… without being salesy… so you’ll convert more prospects into clients.


Early Bird Price: $297 (regularly $397)

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“My proven follow-up system generated over $25-billion in sales during my Wall Street career, and I can help YOU accelerate your bottom-line results… FAST!” ~ Debbie Hoffman

Learn A Proven Step-By-Step Plan
To Generate Consistent Sales.
After This 3-Day Live Event, You Will:

  • Network In A New Confident Way that attracts a steady flow of clients, because
    you are better prepared for every contact
  • Attract Tons Of Qualified Prospects who already want what you offer.
    Double Your Sales from the same number of leads
  • End The Cycle of dropped balls… loose ends… and lost opportunities that keep falling
    in the cracks, instead of in your bank account
  • Introduce Yourself at events so that people enthusiastically “Lean-In” to learn more
  • Stand Out From Your Competition so that you attract your ideal clients
  • Overcome Those Limiting Beliefs (and fabricated stories) that stop you
    in your tracks
  • Connect With A Wonderful Community of like-minded entrepreneurs
    who are on the same journey as you… and much more

Since working with Debbie, I’ve signed-up 12 new clients, achieved an all time high sales rank, and my earnings have increased by 40 percent! right-quote

I’ve learned so much from Debbie’s training. I’m converting more prospects into clients, because I’m better prepared to uncover people’s real needs  and offer value-oriented solutions.

~ Andrea Burnett, Rodan + Fields Consultant

Debbie is an awesome leader! She brings a whole new perspective of service… and inspiration… and authenticity to her entrepreneur clientele.right-quote

Her follow-up system is invaluable. I have attended her programs and worked with her one-on-one, and she’s helped me take my business to the next level in every facet of the sales process… from scripts, tracking and closing my prospects, to supporting my customers. I would highly recommend her as a coach to sharpen your skills, increase your bottom-line results and build your team.

~ Sandy Brittain, RBC Life Sciences Consultant

When I’m stuck at a road block, Debbie can nail down my issues and provide a solution within 30-seconds. She is gifted, knowledgeable, and inspiring.right-quote

She has taught me to approach my prospects from a completely different, more powerful way that builds trust during the initial contact period. We all know “the fortune is in the follow-up” and if you’re anything like me, my follow-up was horrible! She has revolutionized my follow-up strategies and influenced every facet of my business. I owe her expertise a 20% increase in revenues. I trust her as an indispensable part of my team!

~ Dr. Connie Evans, Boisset Wine Ambassador

I just completed the BEST MONTH EVER in six years of my financial services business. Debbie Hoffman’s Power-Up! Your Follow-Up program energized my business skills, leading to increased creativity and productivity.right-quote

Her webinars and materials focus on language, business skills and activities which I use daily to improve my interaction with clients and increase my overall results. I actually got a sizable account after learning the proper way to ask for referrals!  What I like best about working with Debbie is that she teaches immediately useful skills… then nudges me into action.

~ Joan Stutes, Financial Consultant

I Get It… Closing A Sale Isn’t Easy.
Very Few Entrepreneurs Get The Follow-Up Right.

  • Only 8% of entrepreneurs have a well-planned contact system in place
  • And those 8% are doing 80% of all the business out there
  • I want YOU to be one of those Eight Percenters!

It doesn’t have to be that hard!
I’ll teach you how to build trust and close more sales…
without being salesy.

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Learn And Have FUN!

Power-Up! Your Follow-Up… LIVE


If You’re Not Following-Up Properly,
You’re Leaving A Lot Of Money On The Table!

Are Any Of These True For You?

  • Do you give up too soon, or worse, chase unqualified leads too long?
  • You don’t want people to think you’re pushy. It just doesn’t feel right.
  • You let a stack of business cards pile up on your desk.
  • You make up stories, ‘They can’t afford it… They’re not a good fit… She doesn’t have time for me…’ Anything to put-off making “the call.”
  • You tell yourself, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow…’ And then, of course, it’s too late. That’s always the end result, right?
  • You lie awake at night worried and overwhelmed… wondering what to do next
  • You spend most of your time doing “easy stuff” … Facebook, your website, blogging.

Yes? Then you’re in the right place. I can help you, because follow-up IS the sales process!

group of professionals in a huddle

Big Results Come When You Nurture Your Prospect
Through An Organized Discovery Process.

It’s not about hounding people mercilessly until they say, ‘Yes’.
It’s about thoughtfully serving your prospect’s real needs — with full integrity.

There are specific ways to communicate with people that result in major business success… if you follow a proven process. When you transform your mindset and master the art of follow-up, it shows them you care… that you’re professional… and serious about your business. Plus, you send a strong message that you’re passionate about what you do… and believe in the value of what you’re offering.

There are easier ways to convert ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ prospects into long-term clients who truly need what you’re offering.

I’ve created this special 3-day live event specifically for entrepreneurs, small business owners and sales professionals (and teams)… to help you sharpen your follow-up skills and increase your bottom-line results. I promise you, no matter how tentative you may feel right now, you’ll be itching to make those calls by the time we’re through… and you’ll see your sales skyrocket!


Early Bird Price: $297
Bring a friend for FREE

  • Discover the power of follow-up
  • Convert more prospects into clients, EASILY
  • Create the thriving business you’ve always imagined!

Event / Accommodations:
5115 Hopyard Blvd, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone: (925) 460-8800

Meet Debbie Hoffman, Founder of Power-Up! Your Follow-Up

“I am so excited to be hosting this upcoming LIVE EVENT! This is the ONLY training available that walks you through a follow-up system that can literally transform your whole approach to doing business, and accelerate your sales results without being salesy.

I teach my clients how to close more sales in today’s competitive world… confidently and efficiently. Of course, it takes a willing partner who is committed to making breakthroughs. I developed my proven follow-up system during a successful 20-year career as a Managing Director for Wall Street firms. I realized that it was all about building solid business relationships, and I subsequently honed my professional skills as a home-based entrepreneur, where I built an international network marketing team of thousands. Now, I’m sharing all of that experience with small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals, just like you, in a comprehensive, value-packed, 3-day live event that features role playing, group exercises, and lots of fun! Come join me.

I’m Ready To
Make A Breakthrough



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