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Debbie Hoffman's breakthrough training has transformed the mindset (and sales results) of scores of network marketing professionals. Her Power-Up Your Sales! series is a basic training primer for today's successful entrepreneur. Now, she has agreed to teach a special 7-week webinar course designed specifically for Isagenix "wealth creators." Debbie is highly qualified, having built a network marketing wellness business with thousands of consultants. Her proven system is based on a unique selling proposition: Follow-up is more than an integral factor in the sales process...its IS the sales process!

If you don't have a reliable follow-up system, you will NEVER maximize your sales potential.

Attention: Isagenix Associates

Debbie Will Host A
Free Introductory Call
Tuesday, May 23rd at 12:00pm EST


Learn about Debbie's follow-up success system, a series of planned step-by-step activities.


Debbie will share what holds people back...and how to deal with it.


She will focus on how to make efficient use of your time with an automated CRM system.


Discover why it's imperative to properly prepare for all prospect contacts (its more than what you say).


Plus the importance of referrals (and referral partners) to building your business.



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